Are you like the rest of the companies struggling with these problems?

High Turnover Rates

Particularly with Millennia's, many companies are fighting a growing problem of high turnover amongst staff

Mid-Level Talent Drain

With changing work-life needs and growing aspirations of the mid-level talent, it is easy to lose them to competition

High Cost of Replacement

With competition for the best talent increasing, the cost of recruitment and training is quickly becoming unmanageable

Rising Healthcare Costs

Particularly for older employees, the cost of health care has skyrocketed and shows no signs of slowing down

Here are the5 REASONS why the current solutions are not working!

Employee needs are too varied

The Millennials are looking for fun, exciting & caring companies, whilst the mid-level talents are looking at compensation & work-life benefits, and the older workers desire security and healthcare benefits

Company budget is never enough

It requires a lot of money to implement programs that can meet the varied needs, and money is a precious and limited resource

Hard to measure effectiveness of programs

As the data points are so scattered, it is very difficult to measure effectiveness of programs to determine ROI for the management

Difficult to manage programs

Managing employee engagement & health programs is an administrative burden, starting from selection, registration, execution, evaluation, etc…

Participation is never 100% (and it’s a thankless job)

Regardless of whatever you do, it is impossible to get everyone to participate, even if its compulsory. Sometimes you even have to “beg” the employees to come. The worst is there will always be complaints from some…

Wouldn’t it be good if there is a solution that?

  • Addresses the varied needs of workforce
  • Makes pricing more cost efficient
  • Measures effectiveness for ROI computation
  • Simplifies implementation
  • Motivates employees to participate in programs

We have heard your pain and developed a solution. . .

We have Created a Modular, Dynamic and Intuitive HR platform for ALL Corporate Health needs – Online in 1-place

Mobile App - Comming Soon

Clear & Affordable

Pricing Monthly

Reports Simple On-boarding

Mobile App - Comming Soon

Clear & Affordable Pricing

Monthly Reports

Simple On-boarding

Employee Engagement throughHolistic health solutions

iGrow Experties

Mental Health


Physical Fitness

The iGrow Proposition

iGROW's Health-as-a-Service Solution delivers. . .

Varied solutions that appeal to every employee

Savings on employee engagement budget

Savings on man-hours spent

Reduced administration workload

Easy & accurate reporting of ROI on employee engagement